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AQUIOUS is a Plumbing Company specializing in residential and commercial water delivery and systems. We are also tank and tankless water heater experts with extensive experience installing, retrofitting and maintaining tankless water heater systems. Our plumbers have been highly trained and approach each job thoughtfully and holistically to meet both the needs and desires of our clients. We are big believers in tankless systems to save money, energy, and carbon emissions.

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Our Focus

Tankless Water Heaters

We are the tank and tankless water heater experts. We have been trained in the intricate and technical details of tank and tankless water heater systems. Our installation approach is both thoughtful and holistic. We are big believers in tankless to save money, energy, and carbon emissions.

Commercial Plumbing

As a fully licensed and bonded plumbing contractor we offer full design and plumbing installation for all types of new construction & remodel commercial projects. We have expansive experience with tenant improvements and new builds.


We offer full plumbing installation on multi-family projects, as well as design and “out of the box” thinking on ways of being more energy efficient and cost effective for your new project. We can provide estimates for most apartment/townhouse/condominium projects up to 50 units (per permit).


From small gas line additions to large expansions on residential or commercial properties, we offer highly professional and expedited installation services. We can also assist with design and product offerings for your new project.


why go tankless?

The best reason to go tankless is simple: You get on-demand, endless supply of hot water. You’ll never run out because it is instantaneously heated at the source whenever needed. But there are many other great reasons to go tankless.

Energy Efficiency

Only heat water when you turn on a hot water faucet.

Peace of Mind

Traditional hot water tanks can cause thousands worth of property damage. Not with tankless.

Advanced Technology

monitor your water heater and your water temperature via an app on your phone.

Size Matters

Traditional hot water tanks take up a lot of space. Add more room today.

Greater Longevity

Tankless water heaters can remain safely in operation for up to twice as long as a typical tank water heater.

Worry Free

As an Internet connected device, your tankless water heater can notify you of service issues before they become a problem.

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