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After significant time analyzing the top six manufacturers of tankless water heaters on the market today, combined with our personal experience on quality and manufacturer support, Aquious has chosen to deal exclusively with Rinnai®. Manufactured in Japan, they have been in use far longer than the other systems and have a proven track record that continues to impress. They are the number one provider of tankless water heaters in the USA. Rinnai is also by far the most technologically advanced, offering high-efficiency units, Wi-Fi connection and monitoring using smartphone apps, hot water circulation systems, and much more..


High Efficiency Series – V Model Series

Confidence meets Affordability

Our high-efficiency V Models are the right combination of comfort and value. These compact units offer the reliability you’d expect from Rinnai with performance that’s ideal for small to medium-sized new homes or remodels.

V65i Series-aquious-product

V65i Series

V75i Series-aquious-product

V75i Series

V94i Series-aquious-product

V94i Series

Sensei Super High Efficiency – RU Model Series

Enjoy Top Comfort, Performance and Value

Do you need endless hot water in a new home or are you ready to replace an inefficient tank heater? You can enjoy all the comfort and performance you expect from Rinnai for less with our super-high efficiency plus RU models. These compact units are powerful enough to meet your needs, consistently delivering hot water in up to four places around your home at the same time.

RU199i Series-aquious-product

RU199i Series

RU199i Series-aquious-product

RU160in Series

Sensei Super High Efficiency Plus – RUR Model Series

Cutting-edge Technology in our Top-of-the-line Models

Enjoy endless hot water for all of your appliances, effortless maintenance with Wi-Fi monitoring and voice activation with Amazon Alexa integration. Our super-high efficiency plus series features condensing design with the latest technology in water heating for more energy savings and environmental benefits. When you expect the best, choose Rinnai’s RUR model series.

RUR199i Series-aquious-product

RUR199i Series

RUR199i Series-aquious-product

RUR160in Series

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Natural Gas, Propane or Electric Options

Get The right option for your home

We can help you select the right Bradford White water heater for your needs and professionally and safely install it in your home for years of worry-free service. Below are just a few of the many options to choose from.

V65i Series-aquious-product

Electric Upright

V75i Series-aquious-product

Natural Gas or Propane Upright

V94i Series-aquious-product

Electric Lowboy


I Series – Boiler + Tankless Combo

Heat your home and access endless hot water

The perfect combination of reliability, technology, and performance in one compact unit. The Rinnai I-Series condensing gas boiler combi models that consistently provide simultaneous delivery of hot water and home heating without interruption.

V65i Series-aquious-product

i060CN Series

V65i Series-aquious-product

i090CN Series

V65i Series-aquious-product

i120CN Series

I Series – Boiler Only

Heat your whole home

The I- Series models features Rinnai’s exclusive self-cleaning stainless-steel heat exchanger coupled with a secondary flat plate heat exchanger. These heat-only models can deliver whole house heating to enhance your comfort. Fueled with either Natural Gas or Propane this Rinnai condensing gas boiler has obtained one of the highest AFUEs (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) in the industry. Plus, the compact wall-mounted design saves space over traditional boilers.

V65i Series-aquious-product

i060SN Series

V65i Series-aquious-product

i090SN Series

V65i Series-aquious-product

i120SN Series

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