How to fill up a 150 Gallon Jetted tub with HOT water.

The Mayberry House had an interesting problem. This 8,000 square foot estate had 3 full baths and two half baths, and was occupied by a couple. There concern was two fold, they had an old industrial oil-fired water heater that had a significant cost in operation and maintenance, but they had a 150 gallon infinity edge jetted tub. The oil-Fired water heater was not sufficient to fill it, and as a result they had only used it twice in 8 years. With a Rinnai Sensei Plus, they were able to fill it easily the first time! Also with the built in recirculation they were able to deliver hot water quickly even though the estate was vast.

House Specifications:

3½ bath / 8,0000 sq. ft.

Products Used:

Rinnai Solution RUR199iN


Rinnai RUR199iN. Fully dedicated recirculation line, enough fire power to use Oversized Roman Tub Faucet and fill a 150 Gallon Infinity Edge Jetted Tub. During normal usage 3 showers can operate to accomodate guests getting ready at the same time, while doing dishes and laundry.




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