The AirBnB

The owner of this 5 bath AirBnB on the Sparks Marina had outfitted his master bath with a large jetted tub and dual master showers. The house would sit unoccupied from time to time and be completely full with everyone using the bathrooms roughly at the same time during rental periods. He wanted to reduce his utility expenses, while providing a luxury experience for his guests. With a Rinnai Sensei we only use gas when the system is in operation (so no utility usage when the house was unoccupied) and endless hot water for all bathrooms when the house was fully occupied. Guests could soak in the tub, use the double showers, and NEVER run out of hot water.


Rinnai RU199iN. No need for circulation as the house’s bathrooms are close to the hot water tank, and this will provide for 3 simultaneous showers, as well as easily fill the tub, and it will only consume gas as its needed. Additionally, the water heater was vented out the existing water heater vent, avoiding drilling a new hole through the side of the house.

House Specifications:

3½ bath / House

Products Used:

Rinnai Solution RU199iN




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